Excavation Safety

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Third party strikes on buried infrastructure are an increasing issue, accelerated by more utilities going underground and the increased use of trenchless installation technologies. The DIGSAFE™ Excavation Safety range was set up to provide solutions that reduce maintenance costs, unintended pipeline and cable strikes, potentially catastrophic damage and loss of life.

The Polyfabrics DIGSAFE™ team are the industry experts in excavation safety, with the most comprehensive suite of solutions available in Australasia – to help WARN, DETECT, PROTECT & MANAGE buried infrastructure. Our products are used by the major gas, telecommunications, electricity and water utility providers. The DIGSAFE™ range includes all leading solutions in the fields of utility detection and excavation safety. Global brands include the Overpipe™ protection plates, 3M™ EMS markers & locators, the Copperhead® copper clad steel tracer wire system, Wavelay® detectable tapes, Fairwarning® mesh and Rhino® marker posts.

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NOTE: We have amalgamated the Tapex business with Polyfabrics, which is also a Tapex Group company. Please contact us if you do NOT have our new ABN & account numbers.