Highway Construction

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The construction method of building highways has changed over the years. This was a result of new technologies and international experiences across the globe. One area that has become more common is the use of Geosynthetic materials within the construction.

From Geotextiles both woven and nonwoven you can now separate your layers, while reinforcing and enhancing the ground conditions.

Stabilise embankments so that ensure safe working and stability moving forward. You can now even speed up your construction by adding drainage solutions, and de-watering the ground using wick drains or PVD’s (prefabricated Vertical Drains).

Polyfabrics Australasia Pty Ltd has been working in this sector for over 25 years, and keen to share their experiences enabling a smooth construction for all concerned.

Please contact one of the Polyfabrics Australasia experts for further information.


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