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Landscaping covers a wide range of fields, from Erosion control, Biodegradable measures, Landscaping and re-vegetation

Erosion control

Erosion control is designed to stabilise a natural embankment and let the land do the work. However due to perhaps high winds or aggressive water flows this can be eroded away and nature struggles to establish.

By using erosion products you can aid the environment by holding the ground in place while the seeding is given time to grow through.


You can even use Biodegradable products so when nature has established the products disappear. These are natural products that aid the environment.


Landscaping natural links into Erosion control. You want to ensure the looks and feel of the areas are kept natural while an element of control is carried out. Like erosion control there is a wide range of options there to help the land shape to your desire and stop the elements attacking it during the process.


Re-vegetation is an important part of giving the land back after we have consumed its resources. The tree production range covers for the 1 year programs favored through to much larger shelter options preventing our larger wildlife attacking the trees as they try to establish.

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