Maritime and Coastal

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Water related applications always provide challenges to construction, from tidal action, dewatering to potential flood risk. Thankfully down to the use of Geosynthetic products this has now helped make the construction easier and reducing the risks associated with water.

There are many different forms of Coastal and Maritime applications and there is not one Geosynthetic material that fits all.

If you are looking at Erosion control there is a range of considerations from the tidal action you are trying to control down to the usability of the site once completed. One area to watch for is Hydrolysis. There are different polymers used within Geosynthetics. However, until recently, it was not well known that Hydrolysis occurred with certain polymers. This is accelerated under certain PH levels when using broken concrete or limestone in construction. If unsure please check with one of the Polyfabrics teams and we can guide you.

Maritime construction comes with additional complications of working underwater while reinforcing the ground and ensuring pressure equalisation occurs. Through the use of a range of high strength work materials and bag structures time saving can be possible and also aid the overall construction.

Polyfabrics Australasia Pty ltd has a wide range of options for your applications. Also, we are very happy to guide you through all the options and budgets available.

Please contact one of the Polyfabrics Australasia experts for further information.


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