Mining and Tunnel Lining

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Mining and Tunnel Lining Applications

Mining is a high risk application and the safety of all workers is always the top priority. The safety standards that apply for tunnels and mines are amongst the highest for infrastructural constructions. The parameter of high importance is waterproofing, for the prevention of leakage that would undermine the tunnelling construction.

Polyfabrics Australasia has a number of solutions to aid with these difficult conditions. They vary from reinforcement, drainage within the tunnels and providing stable platforms to work within.
Our High strength woven geotextiles and geogrids are manufactured to cope with some of the world’s harshest conditions giving you the confidence of performance when the absolute priority is the safety of the workers on site.

Drainage is of critical consideration. If this has been under engineered to cope with the volumes of water being presented, the product could fail causing a collapse within the tunnel system.

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