Strataweb Embankment Hardening

Project: Embankment Hardening South East Melbourne

Location: Various locations across South East Melbourne

Client: Melbourne Water

Product: StrataWeb™ 445 – 100

Project Overview

Polyfabrics Australasia was hired by Melbourne Water to provide products for slope stabilisation, embankment hardening, and erosion control in various ‘retarding basins’ located across South East Melbourne. These were recently assessed for risks by the Australian National Committee on Large Dams (ANCOLD).

Key Challenges          

Due to the nature of their locations, the embankment was at risk of experiencing erosion damage due to the unlikely event of high velocity flood water overflowing over the crest and running down the downstream side of the embankment.

The Solution

Polyfabrics recommended using StrataWeb™, a 3-dimensional geosynthetic cellular confinement system of various depths, used to modify embankments in a cost-effective way to allow safe overtopping and ensure embankment stability.

In order to create a stable Strataweb™, installation foundation at the start of the construction, all topsoil and organics were stripped from the surface, and the foundation was shaped to achieve levels as per design requirements. The StrataWeb™ system was then placed in the flume in its collapsed form. The upper edge of the StrataWeb™ was stapled at multiple locations at the top of the slope with 12mm diameter, 500mm long rebar staples. The system was then expanded to cover the embankment.

The StrataWeb™ were spliced/cut by bolting the adjacent cell walls together, to provide the necessary coverage. The expanded 100mm deep cells in the Strataweb® system were then filled with a mix of native and imported top soil and hydroseeded to promote vegetation.

The Outcome

Polyfabrics’ StrataWeb™ 3030 SW 445 – 100 was accepted as the optimal solution for the site and was approved by the project’s design engineer. The work was executed successfully, and as expected the product performed very well. It provided a simple, easy to install, effective and eco-friendly solution to a challenging problem.