Swan River Project

Swan Reach Deep River Mooring Project

Swan Reach Deep River Mooring Project, SA

Location: Swan Reach Boat Ramp- Swan Reach, SA
Client: Mid Murray Council
Products: 0.75m3 Sand Containers (vandal proof), RF80PVC Erosion Mat, Wire Impregnated (PVC cover)


To provide a deep water mooring facility for tourism paddle boats PS Murray Princess, PS Marion and other paddle boats when stopping at Swan Reach, as well as a general mooring facility for houseboats.


This location has been exposed to riverbank erosion for a number of years now, due mainly to the side thrusters utilised by the PS Murray Princess when alighting passengers. Gabion baskets were initially installed (years ago) to minimise the erosion attributed to the side thruster water movement and associated water pressures of the visiting vessel. The gabion baskets have started to show wear and have not added to the aesthetics of the landscape. Our concern centred around the removal and substitution of gabion baskets for 0.75m3 sand containers which could lead to sinkholes and further weakening of the riverbank.


Our solution was to leave the gabion baskets in position and place the 0.75m3 sand containers with erosion mat on top of the baskets. Some minor repairs and repositioning/tensioning of the baskets were undertaken to shore up the footing prior to the installation of the sand containers.


The riverbank line has doubled in strength in terms of its ability to combat erosion. The gabion baskets act as a strong footing or apron for the sand containers reducing the potential for undercut and further erosion at this location.

Swan Reach Deep River Mooring Project