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TriView® Marker Post installation

Project: TriView® Marker Post installation

Location: Toowoomba, Queensland

Contractor : Torus Networks

Product: TriView® Marker Posts

Project Overview

The Pulse Data Centre was scheduled to open in April 2018 and is a landmark as the first major Data Centre to operate in regional Australia. Torus Networks were commissioned to install conduit and haul new optic fibre network along the 27km route to the Pulse Data Centre in Toowoomba, Queensland.

Key Challenges          

With competitive tender, a cost effective signage and marker post system was needed to mark the access pits every 300m. As the network range through both urban and rural areas, a signage system was needed that could handle the rigours of stock and vehicle damage. As a communications network, signage & posts were required to be white, so a low maintenance solution was needed (no re-painting)

The Solution

Triview™ marker posts from Rhino Marking Systems were chosen. The warning posts were made from a white UV resistant polymer, as required for communications identification, with custom decals featuring a “Buried Optic Fibre Below” warning, network contact details and Torus, Pulse and Dial Before You Dig logos. Because the Triview® posts have signage incorporated onto the posts and are visible 360 degrees, they combine the function of marker post and sign. Being polymer they did not require repainting and would flex, then return upright from both vehicle and stock impacts.

The soil anchor footing was used for this installation, which the 1300mm Triview® posts clipped into, speeding up installation time. Posts were spaced every 300m along the route, including in pits.

In addition to the customised decals on the three sides, a Pulse logo was permanently adhered to the black cap on the top of the post. This allows the option of writing  specific network information at each post location.

The Outcome

A cost effective and low maintenance signage solution was installed for the first Data Centre in regional Australia.