Agflo® is a corrugated subsoil pipe available in Class 400 (SN8) & Class 1000 (SN20) grades.

Both types are available in plain, slotted & socked. Various diameters available include 50mm, 65mm, 100mm & 160mm.

Agflo® offers a superb range of flexible sub-soil corrugated drainage pipes available for various subsoil applications.

Agflo® delivers the highest standard of durability and strength in drainage for civil applications such as internal road structures and in-land areas such as gardens, parks or sporting fields.

Agflo® can also be used to overcome or mitigate such problems as salinity, high rainfall, high water tables and hillside soak.


Agflo® sub-soil corrugated drainage pipes are available in two classes – 400 & 1000, including flexibility of pipes designed for both heavy loading and/or quick installation time for medium loading conditions. Below is a more informative description of what these pipes can do for you:

Class 400 Pipes

Agflo® Class 400 single wall HDPE subsoil drainage pipe is manufactured in accordance with AS2439.1 and used in medium loadbearing subsoil applications.

Agflo® Class 400 is a very flexible and durable pipe designed for medium loading conditions. It is supplied in either 10, 20, 50 or 100m lengths.

Class 1000 Pipes

Agflo® Class 1000 single wall PVC subsoil drainage pipe is manufactured in accordance with AS2439.1 and is used in higher load bearing subsoil applications.

Agflo® Class 1000 is designed for heavy loading and usage. It is supplied in 100m lengths, reducing loading costs, and speed of installation.


Typical applications for Agflo® but not limited to are

Subsoil Drainage

Agflo® subsoil drainage pipes when used to remove water for saturated soils behind retaining walls, road pavements and various civil and building structures create efficient system that removes water, maintaining the service life of all roads and highways.

Gas Venting

Made from a chemical-resistant HDPE Agflo® provides a seamless conduit for gas extraction for modern landfills and waste containment structures. Agflo® also ensures the prevention of environmental contamination and works for extracting gas in the drainage layer of the capping system.

Cable Conduits

Agflo® Cable Conduits are used to repair cable ducts with no need for excavation of the buried cables that run alongside roads or highways. This works by allowing easy access to the cable routing and is simply threaded through the conduits.

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