Atlantis continues to progressively develop innovative products and systems to convert the concrete jungle into a sustainable Green City. The use of permeable surfaces allows rainfall to immediately soak into the ground. Rainwater can easily be harvested through underground water carriers and tanks.

Green cities act as a large permeable surface and can be easily built, by incorporating roof top gardens, planter boxes and landscaped podiums. The added vegetation in cities reduces the urban impact on global warming, provides a sink for carbon and provides a point source solution for stormwater, reducing and even eliminating contaminated runoff into natural water ways.

The results are a sustainable integration between urbanization and nature, creating a sustainable environment.


The Atlantis Flo-Cell® drainage cell is an ideal structural and lightweight system designed for planter box and roof garden applications. It allows optimal growing conditions for vegetation through ideal moisture conditions and aeration. Only excess water is removed and the soil profile retains a high moisture content.

The Atlantis Flo-Cell® features water storage cups used for passive irrigation and due to the structural design of the cell, a void space is created, providing aeration and promoting growth for root systems. It will also function as a protective membrane for waterproofing on concrete slabs, walls and provide ventilation for concrete slabs, alleviating heat-induced stress and cracking.

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Road Cell® : Heavy Duty Multiple Application Drainage Cell

The Atlantis Road Cell® is a high strength geo cellular structure which is suitable for many applications including ground reinforcement, drainage, infiltration, and water storage. When used as a reinforcement structure the Road Cell® creates a durable hard surface suitable for heavy loaded traffic areas such as access roads. The cells can also be used for the construction of heavy duty underground tanks, trench drainage and infiltration swales where extreme loads are expected.

• Mining Access Roads
• Aircraft Runway
• Helicpter Pads
• Fire Trails
• Underground Water Storage
• Infiltration Channels
• Sub Surface Drainage

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