Bamboo Stakes

bamboo stakes

Bamboo Stakes

All our Bamboo Stakes are made from natural bamboo. They are a strong and durable option to Hardwood stakes, and suitable for all plant and tree plantations.

Code Product Description
6113002 Bamboo Stake 45cm 6-80mm 1000
6113128 Bamboo Stake 60cm 10-12mm
6113003 Bamboo Stakes 75cm 10-12mm
7175028 Bamboo Stake 45cm 6-8mm
7175029 Bamboo Stake 60cm 10-12mm
7175030 Bamboo Stake 60cm 8-10mm
7175033 Bamboo Stakes 90cm 10-12mm
7175034 Bamboo Stakes Green 90cm 10-12mm

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