C.A.T4 & Genny4 Location Tools

reliable entry level locator

Cat and Genny
electromagnetic locator

C.A.T4 & Genny4 Location Tools

The C.A.T4 digital platform delivers highly refined locate capabilities, location tools specifically designed to help the operator find more buried utilities.

The C.A.T4 Avoidance Mode™ lets the operator check an intended excavation area for Power, Radio and Genny signals, and pinpoint located utilities in a single scan. Features such as the bargraph ‘tidemark’ enable an operator to quickly spot a peak response and zero-in on a buried conductor. The Genny4 Signal Generator provides simultaneous dual-frequency locate signal output. Alongside the familiar 33kHz locate signal for general purpose locates, the Genny4 transmits a second higher frequency designed to facilitate location of small diameter cables such as telecoms and street lighting, including spurs.

For tricky locates, the power boost function enables the locate signal to travel further and deeper, and couple onto utilities more easily. Radiodetection’s proprietary StrikeAlert™ warning, warns of shallow buried utilities. The C.A.T4 guides users towards better and safer working practices through its SWING™ Rate detector and Service Due date warning. C.A.T4 is a safety-critical precision instrument and the optional 30-day countdown to the Service Due date, CALSafe™ and innovative eCert™ on-line system calibration validation capabilities are designed to reinforce company and recommended service policies

CAT4 & Genny Features

  • Entry level Location Tools – Simple to use with reliable results.
  • Avoidance Mode.
  • Genny signal locate.
  • Identifies Power, Radio and Active Signals.
  • Small Diameter Locate frequency.
  • Dynamic Overload Protection.
  • Provides Depth when used with GENNY 33kHz signal.
  • Online Calibration checking.

Widely utilised by Utilities, Councils and Contractors that basically need to know where not to dig.


Data Logging and Analysis

C.A.T.  models provide data acquisition capabilities, allowing Plant Supervisors to administer their fleet more safely and effectively by providing comprehensive logs of C.A.T4 usage for analysis and personnel development. gC.A.T4 models are equipped with a built-in GPS/GNSS receiver to show where the CATs were used. CSV, XLS or KML files can be easily exported to map services such as Google Earth.

Reverse Compatibility

C.A.T4 and Genny4 are compatible with all C.A.T3 and Genny3 accessories.

Further Information
C.A.T4 & Genny4 User Guide
C.A.T4 & Genny4 User Guide
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C.A.T4 & Genny4
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