Drainage Tank Modules

Drainage Tank Modules

Polyfabrics Drainage Tank Modules are the perfect sub-surface drainage system made from lightweight recycled polymers. It can be used in any subsurface Stormwater applications that need infiltration, retention or detention.

The Drainage Tank Modules also offer an alternative to the traditional gravel and pipeline system offering flexibility in design and is a clog free drainage solution when used with Geotextiles filters.

Ideal Usage

  • Storm Water drainage systems.
  • Attenuation Tanks.
  • Sports field drainage systems.
  • Channel Drainage.
  • Roadside systems.
  • Soak Away Tanks


Time and money can be saved using Polyfabrics Drainage Tank Modules instead of the traditional gravel and pipeline system. It has a drainage void space ratio of over 95% compared to traditional systems of 35%, making it efficient and cost effective.

The Polyfabrics Drainage Tank Modules are manufactured using recycled polymers, subsequently making it very lightweight and easy to use.

The systems can also be built up to give flexibility in the design and construction of the underground drainage system.


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