DRAINTUBE™ is a proven, multi-linear, horizontal drainage solution that provides all the benefits of a geonet geocomposite as well as providing a cushion geotextile within the one install.

DRAINTUBE™ is a multi-linear drainage Geocomposite as defined by ASTM (D4439-17). Widely specified and installed in Europe and North America, DRAINTUBE™ is designed for high performance drainage applications in the civil construction, landfill and mining sectors.

DRAINTUBE™ design and specification is supported via technical experience and software, namely the Lymphéa design software. The Lymphéa® software was developed in association with the University of Grenoble and le Laboratoire des Ponts et Chaussées (France) to calculate the requirements for DRAINTUBE™ in civil applications.

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A low-cost and environmentally-friendly drainage solution

DRAINTUBE™ Sport drainage geocomposite offers a better, more effective solution for drainage with the following advantages:

  • significant cost reductions,
  • simple installation,
  • variable design options,
  • improved performance,
  • a better environmental footprint through a significant reduction of greenhouse gases.
The DRAINTUBE™ Difference
Replacing 150 mm (6″) of stone with DRAINTUBE™ SPORT drainage geocomposite can :

  • Save 15% or more on the cost of building a granular foundation
  • Reduce construction delays, social disruptions (traffic, noise, dust)
  • Significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions

The DRAINTUBE Difference

Natural Resources vs Draintube™

Natural Resources

Granular material varies – even the same batch of material from the same location can be different.


The quality of Draintube™ is assured at the factory. Quality control is both easier and more certain.


Natural Resources

Costs vary depending on factors such as the location of the gravel pit (which impacts on transportation costs), resource availability and time of year.


As a manufactured resource Draintube™ can reduce transportation costs, and is readily available throughout the year.

Natural Resources

The excavation and replacement of 150mm of non-renewable material over a 10,000 m2 area requires 240 trucks.


The installation 10,000 m2  of Draintube™ requires only 1 truck and 3 labourers working for 2 days.

Draintube™ offers :
3 perforated pipes size options: 16, 20 and 25 mm
4 perforated pipe spacing options: 2 m, 1 m, 1/2 m, 1/4 m
Multiple geotextile options
Available transmissivity between 2.5 10-4 to 4 10-3 m2/s at i=0.1
No change in transmissivity up to 2500 kPa (50,000 psf)
Low creep reduction factor
No geotextile intrusion
Standard roll size: 3.98 m x 75 m
Faster and easier to install than other types of geocomposites, no tying required!
Consistent QA/QC
Competitively priced

Fully customised solutions you can count on

Fluid management is critical for most civil engineering applications. The development of pore pressure in soils can compromise the stability of installations. Over the past 10 years, Afitex-Texel Inc. has been using DRAINTUBE™ drainage geocomposites to eliminate interstitial pressure and ensure the long term performance of environmental and civil engineering projects.

These products rely on the combination of various geotextile layers (filtration, separation and protection layers) that are needle-punched together with integrated perforated mini-pipes for high capacity drainage.

Based on the experience gained over many years of draining waste storage facilities, DRAINTUBE™ is especially suited to mining related drainage. The mining industry requires customised solutions specifically adapted to the following situations;

  • Drainage for waste storage covers/caps
  • Tailings Storage Facilities drainage
  • Heap leachate pad drainage
  • Groundwater drainage under storage ponds (freshwater, leachate, mining waste)
  • Leak detection and geomembrane protection

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Geocomposite drainage performance you can count on

Many Geocomposite drainage systems have been used in the waste industry for decades but none more successfully, and with the design reliability of DRAINTUBE™.

DRAINTUBE™ offers all the advantages of other types of Geocomposite drainage products, namely cost and installation efficiencies, whilst overcoming most of their limitations, including issues associated with long-term creep, geotextile intrusion and delamination.

DRAINTUBE™ combines standard pipe and geosynthetic technology into a unique package offering superior long-term drainage capacity and performance.

DRAINTUBE™ drainage Geocomposites allow geomembrane leak detection surveys using standard geoelectrical methods.

Standard rolls of DRAINTUBE™ are delivered in 75m lengths eliminating embankment benches, which results in maximised landfill cell volume and lessened overlap wastage. Installation of the DRAINTUBE™ very much follows the best practices of geotextile installation allowing for non-specialised labour to be used. Whereas Geocomposite Geonets require cable-ties and the overlapping of the adjacent geotextiles to join the panels, the DRAINTUBE™ simply overlaps together.

Our Lymphea design software, plus our talented professionals are available to help make your project a success from concept to completion.

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