Copperhead Grounding Anodes

earthing spike to complete the circuit

earth spike
Used to increase the strength of locate signals by completing the circuit

Copperhead Grounding Anodes

Installing grounding anodes at all dead ends of the tracer wire system improves the locate signal. Grounding a tracer wire system completes the circuit for accurate locates.  Therefore allowing you to mark the pipe location with pinpoint accuracy. The Copperhead grounding anode enhances the locate transmission and improves the signal for the locator.

Anode Features

  • Greatly enhances the locate signal for passive & active detection.
  • HDPE cap and 6m of factory installed Copperhead red 14 AWG copper clad steel tracer wire.
  •  Package includes one Copperhead strain relase connector.
  • The connector is provided to splice the factory installed anode tracer wire to the mainline tracer wire.
  • Code: WT1600 (Magnesium Anode With Strain Release).

The magnesium anode can be used with any copper or copperclad steel tracer wire. However it is designed to complement the Copperhead tracer wire system.

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