High-Performance Turf Reinforcement Mat (HPTRM Systems)

High-Performance Turf Reinforcement Mat

HPTRM Systems

Utilizing a new, advanced production process, Western Excelsior has produced a woven High-Performance Turf Reinforcement Mat (HPTRM) that offers extended capabilities when compared to competitive products.

The PP5 line of woven HPTRMs have a continuous and homogeneous 3-D structure, providing superior resistance to hydraulic stresses and environmental degradation (ideal for long life in any climate). Western Excelsior’s next generation materials offer greater strength at low strain, which means mobilizing the HPTRM strength faster, maintaining dimension and stability under the most extreme conditions and loads.

The PP5 HPTRMs provide the highest level of resistance to hydraulic stresses, wheel loads or debris/ice and provide the highest factor of safety and durability. This technology provides a sensible choice for a cost-effective, technically proven, permanent, environmentally sensitive, reinforced vegetative solution to traditional hard armor alternatives.


Property Excel PP5-10 PP5-Heavy Duty PP5-Xtreme
Matrix Color Green Black, Green or Tan Black, Green or Tan
Netting Top and Bottom N/A N/A
Netting Type Synthetic N/A N/A
Netting Degradability Non-Degradable N/A N/A
Stitching Synthetic N/A N/A
Stitch Spacing 2 in On Center N/A N/A
Matrix 100% Synthetic Fiber N/A N/A
Degradability Non-Degradable Non-Degradable Non-Degradable
Degradability Mechanism Non-Degradable Non-Degradable Non-Degradable
Unit Weight 10.0 oz/yd^2 (339 g/m^2) 7.5 oz/yd^2 (254 g/m^2) 9.2 oz/yd^2 (312 g/m^2)
Thickness 0.36 in (9 mm) 0.25 in (6 mm) 0.30 in (8 mm)
Tensile Strength (MD) 25.0 lb/in (4.4 kN/m) 266.7 lb/in (46.7 kN/m) 333.3 lb/in (58.4 kN/m)
Tensile Strength (TD) 18.0 lb/in (3.2 kN/m) 250.0 lb/in (43.8 kN/m) 250.0 lb/in (43.8 kN/m)
Coverage 25% open 35% open 30% open
Available Widths 7.5 – 16.0 ft (2.3 – 4.9 m) 8.0 – 15.0 ft (2.4 – 4.6 m) 8.0 – 15.0 ft (2.4 – 4.6 m)
Available Lengths 112.5 – 450 ft (34.3 – 137.2 m) 135 – 450 ft (41.2 – 137.2 m) 135 – 450 ft (41.2 – 137.2 m)
Nominal Longevity > 36 Months Up to 25 YR Up to 50 YR
Enhancement None None None


Excel PP5 permanent Turf Reinforcement Mats (TRMs) are comprised of 100% synthetic components. A matrix of green or tan polypropylene fibers is mechanically (stitch) bound between two UV stabilized heavy-duty synthetic nets. Each is a permanent rolled erosion control product that provides short-term erosion protection and long-term turf reinforcement for greater than 36 months.

The PP5 line of stitch bonded TRMs provide significant resistance to hydraulic forces and have been tested in full-scale laboratory environments as well as challenging field conditions. This product provide increasing levels of unvegetated performance, giving designers options to make economical use of material while satisfying project needs. Once partially and/or fully vegetated, each material provides a high level of performance in resisting the forces of flowing water and rainfall.


PP5-Heavy Duty™ represents the state of the art in second generation Turf Reinforcement Mats (TRMs); consisting of continuously woven homogenous technology. Second generation Woven Turf Reinforcement Mats (WTRMs) consist of woven yarns manufactured to form a continuous, homogeneous three-dimensional structure and are specifically designed for projects where field conditions include intermittent maintenance activity, structural backfills protecting critical structures, utility cuts, potential traffic areas or where higher factors of safety required and/or general durability is of concern. WTRMs provide a design life up to 25 years.

Comparatively, first generations TRMs consist of chopped fibers mechanically bound (stitched) between nettings or melt bonded (laminated) to form a continuous material. First generation TRMs provide adequate performance in low flow swales and moderate slope protection applications with anticipated minor maintenance activity and a design life of less than 10 years.

PP5-Heavy Duty™ is a fully synthetic, ultra-violent stable, second generation WTRM manufactured by weaving continuous, synthetic thread elements by way of a proprietary (patent pending) process to form a lofty, three dimensional pattern. The product is a woven homogenous, single layer WTRM that contains no laminated or stitched layers. PP5-Heavy Duty™ is defined as a medium loading/medium survivability WTRM that will provide a design life up to 25 years and provides the necessary tensile strength and durability for long-term performance.

The unique balance between open area and density of the Heavy Duty WTRM optimizes the environment for rapid seedling emergence and provides for a mulching layer well suited for the establishment of vegetation from seed or sod. Finally, the superior UV stability of the material provides for long-term performance over the life time of the project.

Each roll of PP5-Heavy Duty™ is manufactured under Western Excelsior’s Quality Assurance Program to ensure consistent coverage, mass and strength. Quality control testing is performed at a GAI-LAP accredited facility in compliance with ASTM D4354. The material is made in the USA.


Strength sets PP5-Xtreme™ apart from any other materials. Real, practical working strength is provided by the material as full strength is achieved at low strain. PP5-Xtreme™ is unmatched in strength as it shows an instant and significant resistance to loading, minimizing displacement under load. This strength is what enables PP5-Xtreme™ to be more durable when exposed to debris and hydraulic stresses. PP5-Xtreme™ is classified as a high survivability material, and offers these additional benefits:

  • Balanced properties yield excellent performance with respect to vegetation establishment.
  • Provides geotechnical reinforcement to resist shallow plane failures.
  • Highest resistance to flow induced shear and USACE overtopping flow qualified.


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