Kinnears Braided Pull Rope

Kinnears Braided Pull Rope

3mm hauling rope
braided orange rope for light cable hauling work

The Kinnears 3mm orange polypropylene ropes are braided to minimize kinking and stretch during cable hauling through conduit and pipes. Often used in Fibre Optic Cable installation into conduit. Because it is a light weight hauling rope, it should be used for short hauls or empty ducts.

Braided Pull Rope Features

  • 3mm diameter, Mono-filament Braided Polypropylene.
  • Highly abrasion resistance.
  • Braided construction handles well, plus reduced stretch.
  • Easily spliced and joined.
  • Approved by Telstra, ideal for telecommunications cables.


Description Code Colour Size Break Pkgn Unit Meas Unit Wgt Unit per pallet
3mm Braided pull through rope K006952 Orange 3mmx1000m 90Kg Coil Each 5kg 80

For a stronger hauling rope options look at our blue/yellow Telstra Rope or our Pull Tapes

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