Telstra Rope

6mm Telstra Rope

Parramatta rope
Telstra standard hauling rope for use in all duct types

Kinnears 3 strand Telstra Rope

The Kinnears 3 strand 6mm polypropylene hauling ropes are designed for maximum strength and minimal kinking for pulling cables through conduit and pipes. Made to comply with a strict Telstra standard. Kinnears Telstra rope is primarily used in Fibre Optic Cable installation into various diameter conduit ducting.

Rope Features

  • Telstra (Parramatta) Rope, 6mm diameter
  • 3 strand twisted polypropylene
  • Complies with AS 4142
  • Strong and durable
  • 565kg minimum break strength
  • Resistant to rot and mildew
  • Approved by Telstra


Code Product Description Break Strength Size Unit No. in Unit Weight No. per pallet
K000164V 6mm Telstra pull through rope Yellow/Blue 6mmx400m Coil each 7 kg 48

Other Hauling Options

 Another hauling option with the same break strength are our detectable and non-detectable polyester Pull Tapes

For lighter hauling work, where a low break strength is acceptable, try our 3mm braided hauling rope.

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