The TerraTex® PP Non Woven geotextile range is a 100% polypropylene staple filament geotextile.

Terratex is highly needle punched to improve strength for use across a wide range of geotechnical applications including separation, filtration and reinforcement procedures.


TerraTex® PP Non Woven geotextile is manufactured according to ISO 9001 quality standards. The product is wrapped in a UV stabilised outer wrap, so it can be left outside for approx a month, provided the wrapper is not removed prior to deployment. It is recommended installation occurs within a month of delivery.

Ideal Usage

TerraTex® nonwoven geotextiles enhance the performance and design life of granular layers by providing the filtration and separation functions. Typical uses for TerraTex® standard geotextiles include ground stabilisation (between the sub-base and subgrade) around drainage materials and the protection of impermeable liners.

Preventing intermixing of granular materials and soils

TerraTex® geotextiles provide an effective solution for constructing a stable granular layer over soft foundation soils. When stone is placed directly on a soft subgrade, the imposed load often causes intermixing of two layers. This results in contamination of the stone layer and a resulting loss in bearing strength, surface rutting and deformation at the sub-base/subgrade interface.

Preventing the ingress of fines into drainage media

Whether it’s a granular drain or a Geosynthetic alternative such as an open TerraDrain® unit, TerraTex® standard geotextiles are ideal for preventing the ingress of fines.

Landfill engineering

Balancing the cost/quality of the drainage stone with the level of protection that it will demand is part of the engineering process. The broad TerraTex® geotextile range provides grades for use with inexpensive, aggressive stone as well as for expensive, more-rounded alternatives.

Coastal and Waterway engineering

The hydraulic and filtration properties of TerraTex® standard geotextiles makes them highly effective in replacing traditional filter layers. Typically, a single layer of geotextile can replace a succession of stone filter layers. A single bedding layer of stone is laid on the geotextile and this is followed by the rock armour. See an example of TerraTex®of being used for this application in the construction of a new water storage at Euroa, Victoria.




TerraTex® PP Range