PicketSAFE Star Post

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picketSAFE post
recycled PVC fence post

PicketSAFE Star Posts are an innovative fence post made from recycled PVC. Because it is lightweight, strong and long lasting, PicketSAFE is perfect for use in temporary fencing. It will flex when impacted. In contrast rigid steel pickets present a hazard on building sites. Sharp edges and rigid design create an impalement risk.

PicketSAFE is non-corrosive.  Hence ideally suited to areas of high salinity, acid soils or coastal regions. because it is non-conductive, PicketSAFE is also ideally suited to applications where electric fencing is used. Installation is quicker, cheaper and easier, as there is no need to buy and install insulators for hot wires.

PicketSAFE can be installed using the same equipment as standard star pickets, including pneumatic post drivers, in most soil types except shale. The star post can be extracted afterwards, to enable reuse on the next job, using a star post extractor.

Why Recycled PVC star pickets?

  • Light – 1/5th the weight of steel, easy to lift & transport
  • Rigid but will flex when impacted
  • Non-conductive – can be used with electrified wire without insulators
  • Non-Corrosive – can be used in harsh environments
  • Safe – no dangerous hard edges
  • Made from recycled PVC and recyclable after use
  • 10 year warranty, with a 50+ year practical life

Sizes 1500mm, 1650mm & 1800mm. Other sizes on request.

Discounts for full pallets of 500 pickets.

Above all, combined with our high quality safety fences and bunting, the Polyfabrics customer enjoys the very best construction site fencing solutions.

For pricing and availability contact sales@polyfabrics.com.au

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