Pulling Tapes

hauling mule tape

Milliken tapes reduce handling, eliminate conduit damage and improve length accuracy during cable hauling. Market leaders in quality, strength and durability.


  • High strength measuring & flat woven tape
  • Low elongation and no surging for more accurate hauling tensions
  • Improved safety with increased strength and reduced snap back
  • Low moisture absorption and moisture resistant
  • Resists cutting by sharp conduit edges
  • Resists cable burn-through when hauled over cables
  • Easily joined by knotting, not splicing
  • Standard and detectable versions
  • Resistant to ground chemicals and petroleum products



Code Break Strength Reel Length
862100S 565 kg 1000m
862110D 565 kg 1500m


Material Pull Tape High Tenacity PET Yarns
Temperature range -30degC to 100degC
Temperature range -30degC to 100degC
UV Performance 30 days in direct sunlight
Breaking tensile% Elongation@50kg <4%
Melting point >250degC
Width of tape 11mm
Detectable wire Optional AWG 22Ga, Solid core Copper, Jacket semi-rigid PVC
Spool weight 11kg
Spool size 360mm X 360mm

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