Rhino SoilMarker

Rhino SoilMarker

The Rhino SoilMarker  protects assets in urban areas. The Rhino SoilMarker is a lower profile way to mark buried services in areas where homeowners will not tolerate upright marker posts or unsightly signs.

RhinoPoly construction makes the SoilMarkers extremely durable. They will not crack, break, or significantly fade for at least 10 years. The one piece design has a 100mm diameter surface and a 200mm stake.


  • Fade Resistant
  • Temperature Stable/UV Stable
  • Made with durable RhinoPoly™
  • Rugged & versatile
  • Warning legend is moulded into the top
  • Can use with or without anchor barbs


Golf courses, sewer laterals, fiber to the home, sprinkler lines, gas & water distribution lines, survey markers, service drops, etc. can use the SoilMarker for permanent use. The warning message is permanently moulded into the marker and can be mowed over with no damage. The SoilMarker is excellent for temporary or permanent marking of almost everything. It‘s barbed stake can be removed to use for temporary marking.


Tag Name Outer Ring Inner Ring Colour Size
Gas Danger Gas Pipeline Below Dial Before You Dig 1100.com.au Yellow 100mm
Electric Danger Electric Cable Below Dial Before You Dig 1100.com.au Orange 100mm
Water Warning Water Pipeline Below Dial Before You Dig 1100.com.au Green 100mm
Sewer Warning Sewer Pipeline Below Dial Before You Dig 1100.com.au Beige 100mm
Gas Warning Comms Cables Below Dial Before You Dig 1100.com.au White 100mm

Further Information
Rhino SoilMarker Factsheet
Rhino SoilMarker Factsheet

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