Rhino A-TAG Pavement Markers

Rhino A-TAG Pavement Markers

Rhino A-TAG Pavement Markers protect cables and pipelines under streets and footpaths. A-Tag markers are embedded into concrete or asphalt.

The warning message is molded right into the tag and cannot be removed. These brightly colored, UV stable markers are slightly recessed, so cannot be dislodged.

The A-Tag is UV stabilized and fade resistant, even after years of outdoor exposure. Great to identify valves, splices etc.


  • Durable
  • UV Stable
  • Cost effective
  • Highly Visible
  • Identify buried valves, splices etc.


A-Tags can be customized with your name, phone number, or message molded into the tag. There is a one-time engraving charge to create custom inserts. The outer ring and center circle inserts are separate and require a separate engraving charge.


  • New Construction Tag – simply place into soft concrete or asphalt and push down so it is slightly recessed.
  • Retrofit Tag – Drill a hole with the carbide tipped A-Tag drill bit, then glue the A-Tag in place.


Tag Name Outer Ring Inner Ring Colour Size
Gas Danger Gas Pipeline Below Call 1100 Yellow 38mm
Electric Danger Electric Cable Below Call 1100 Orange 38mm
Water Warning Water Pipeline Below Call 1100 Green 38mm
Sewer Warning Sewer Pipeline Below Call 1100 Beige 38mm
Gas Warning Comms Cables Below Call 1100 White 38mm

Further Information
Rhino A-TAG Pavement Markers Factsheet
Rhino A-TAG Pavement Markers Factsheet

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