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Safety Tapes

Safety Tapes should used in a broad range of circumstance as a cost effective solution. Every day in public spaces and workplaces where construction or maintenance works are taking place, there is the potential for hazards that may cause injury or worse. Ensuring the safety of the people completing the work and those who use the space daily is paramount. Considerable penalties, including imprisonment now apply if in adequate site safety procedures result in injury. A product category that’s helpful in promoting the need for caution around potentially hazardous areas are safety tapes.  Safety tapes should be an essential part of any occupational health and safety plan.

Polyfabrics stocks a comprehensive selection of above ground safety tape options, covering a wide range of hazardous-area delineation applications. Polyfabrics safety tapes are made using 80 micron thick film and high quality inks, so they will last.

Safety Tape Features

  • Curl, crumple and tear resistant
  • Bright colours
  • Shiny surface deflects dirt and water
  • Convenient roll length
  • Extensive stock range
  • Custom service available
  • Re-usable


Description Code Length Width Rolls/CTN
860580 860530 50m 75mm 10
860542 860546 50m 75mm 10
860551 860551 50m 75mm 10
860768 860768 50m 75mm 10
860560 860560 50m 75mm 10
860750 860750 50m 75mm 10
860001 860001 50m 75mm 10
860006 860006 50m 75mm 10
860007 860007 50m 75mm 10

Description Code Length Width Rolls/CTN
860767 860767 60m 75mm 10

Description Code Length Width Rolls/CTN
860580 860580 100m 75mm  10
860763 860763 100m  75mm  10

Description Code Length Width Rolls/CTN
860129 860542 100m 100mm 10

Description Code Length Width Rolls/CTN
860766 860766 300m 75mm 4
899200 899200 300m 75mm 4
860580 860997 300m 75mm 4
860563 860563 300m 75mm 4

Description Code Length Width Rolls/CTN
870541 870541 500m 150mm 1

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