Sand & Filter Bags – Sediment Control

1380 Filter Bags - Sediment Control
1380 Filter Bags - Sediment Control

Sand and Filter Bags

Sediment Control

The Poly Filter and Sand Bags are constructed from our TerraStop Woven Silt fence range. The Hessian Sand Bags provide a biodegradable option for shorter term sediment control on site. They are light and durable, and relatively easy to move around once filled.

All these bags are especially made for filling with blue metal gravel, sand or other general filter mediums.

Ideal Usage

Sand & Filter bags are ideal for use around drains and general sediment control.

Further Information

Code Product Description
6410002 Hessian Sand Bag
6510068 Economy Sand Bag
6113056 Poly Sandbag 840mm x 355mm
6113057 Poly Bag 100um 1050mm x 630mm
6113058 Poly Bag 100um 1525mm x 1015mm

Other sizes are available upon request.

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