StrataGrid is a geogrid reinforcement for soil.

StrataGrid is a high performance soil reinforcement product. It is made with polyester yarns that have a high molecular weight and extraordinary tensile strength. These yarns are then knitted into a dimensionally stable network of apertures to form the geometric grid shape which offers tensile reinforcement to the soil in both the vertical and horizontal directions.

StrataGrid is coated with a black saturation coating to provide further chemical and mechanical benefits that preserve its durability in any environment.

In order to provide the most efficient design possible, StrataGrid is produced in multiple strengths.

Strata Systems success is a direct result of the power of StrataGrid performance and its ability
to solve common civil engineering problems. StrataGrid interacts with the soil particles to create a
permanent composite soil/geosynthetic structure. These high performance geogrids are constructed
of high tenacity polyester yarn utilizing a complex knitting process to provide superior engineering

Ideal Usage

  • Segmental retaining walls
  • Reinforced steep slopes
  • Reinforced embankments over soft soil
  • Landslide repair
  • Reinforced foundations



Reinforced soil wall with StrataWeb® fascia

StrataBlock TM Erection