Nightline Bunting

for day & night visibility

Nightline safety bunting
For use 24 hours on building sites, but especially where nighttime visibility is important

Nightline Bunting

Nightline reflective Tags use genuine 3M reflectors and are made to last. As an alternative to standard flag bunting, Nightline gives both day and night visibility. For example due to its reflective properties, Nightline is the ideal site safety delineator near roads or highway.

Where construction or maintenance works are taking place, there is the potential for hazards that may cause injury or worse. Therefore ensuring the safety of the people completing the work and those who use the space daily is paramount. Considerable penalties, including imprisonment now apply if in adequate site safety procedures result in injury. Using a quality bunting to cordon off hazardous zones on site is essential.

Nightline Features

  • Easily seen at night
  • Highly reflective, two options
  • Ideal roadworks solution
  • Minimum support posts needed
  • Economical, re-usable


Nightline red/white Class 1 (more reflective)

Tags per length Code Length Packs Per Carton
18 860222 25m 10

Nightline red/white Class 2

Tags per length Code Length Packs Per Carton
18 860333 25m 10

Nightline safety bunting is best combined with the Polyfabrics steel star pickets or PicketSAFE PVC posts.

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