Termite Resistant Tracer Wire

no tracer wire failures!

Termite Wire
Tracer wire that will resist termite damage

Termite Resistant Tracer Wire

Polyfabrics designs our Termite Resistant Tracer Wire to be laid with non- ferrous pipes and cables. This ensures easy, accurate, reliable detection with electromagnetic locators.

Passing a low voltage electric current through the highly conductive 6 strand copper wire, will enable accurate detection of location and depth from the surface. Because a Nylon 12 jacket is incorporated into the insulation around the wire, termites are prevented from eating through the insulation. Hence the wire is not exposed, leading to possible corrosion and reduced the signal strength from the wire earthing.

When combined with SnakePit locator points, Polyfabrics termite wire provide a smart solution for locating pipelines & cables in more remote areas.

Termite Wire Features

  • 2.5 sqmm 6 strand copper tracer wire
  • wire core is PVC insulated
  • Termite protection barrier sheath
  • Working voltage up to and including 450 / 750V
  • Conforms to AS/NZS 5000.2:2006

As well as the standard size, Termite wire can be custom-made to requirements for width, length and insulating coating, plus custom colours, printing and the degree of termite resistance.

Further Information
Termite Resistant Tracer Wire Specification
Termite Resistant Tracer Wire Specification

Termite Polyethylene & Nylon Case Study
Termite Polyethylene & Nylon Case Study

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