TERRAM Bodpave 85 – Porous Pavers

TERRAM Bodpave 85
TERRAM Bodpave 85 - Porous Cellular Paving Grid

TERRAM Bodpave 85

Porous Pavers – Grass or Gravel Reinforcement

TERRAM Bodpave 85 is a porous plastic cellular paving grid for reinforcing grass or gravel where a permeable/porous surface is required. It resists lateral movement, improves traction and allows expansion & contraction whilst promoting optimum grass growth, root protection and surface stabilisation. The open cell structure provides high surface water infiltration and is suitable for source control within a SUDS profile.

TERRAM Bodpave™ 85 can be installed with either a grass or gravel filled surface to provide a durable, safe and eco-friendly surface for pedestrian and vehicles trafficked areas. TERRAM Bodpave™ 85 is a cost effective solution to worn & rutted grassed areas, displaced gravel and for source control of surface water run-off.


  • Excellent ground reinforcement
  • Interlocking cellular grid and open cell structure supports a grass or gravel surface
  • Suitable for many trafficked applications, both pedestrian and vehicular, including car & coach parks, overspill car parks, emergency access roads, grass walkways, golf buggy paths & grass or gravel driveways
  • Rain or surface water can immediately infiltrate the ground, reducing flood risks whilst providing a firm reinforced grass or gravel paving
  • Manufactured from 100% recycled polyethylene plastic in black
  • UV stabilised, strong, chemically inert & non-toxic
  • Durable, environmentally friendly reinforced surface
  • Load-bearing capacity up to 400t/m2
  • Pavers filled with grass or gravel are SUDS source control compliant
  • TERRAM Bodpave™ 85 grass pavers / gravel pavers allow a naturally pleasing, environmentally friendly & free draining grass or gravel surface
  • Paving grids can be offset by 1 cell increments to fit around obstacles, while retaining a strong connection to adjacent pavers


  • Grassed surfaces

    Grass car parks, overflow grass car parks, grass paths, residential lawn parking, grass access routes with a full construction profile

  • Gravel surfaces

    Gravel driveways, grave car parks, gravel coach parks, access roads, caravan standings with a full construction profile

  • ‘Reduced Dig’

    Where firm or reinforced ground already exists and where lighter applications may be required for both grass and gravel surfaces

Examples of Use
  • Car / coach parks
  • Emergency / HGV service access routes
  • Aircraft taxiways & helipads
  • Walkways and disabled access
  • Golf buggy paths
  • Driveways & residential parking
  • SUDS source control
Further Information
TERRAM Bodpave 85 Factsheet
TERRAM Bodpave 85 Factsheet
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