TERRAM PW1 – Geosynethic Trackbed Separator

Geosynthetic Trackbed Separator - TERRAM PW1
Geosynthetic Trackbed Separator - TERRAM PW1


geosynthetic trackbed separator

TERRAM PW1 is a geosynthetic trackbed separator designed to maintain the separation between the adjacent sand/ballast layers within the trackbed construction, thus preventing the upward movement of fine sub-grade particles.


TERRAM PW1 is suitable where sub-grade soils are good, have sufficient strength and the particles are of even size.
TERRAM Geosynthetics provide solutions for permanent way applications where loss of rail track alignment caused by subgrade erosion leads to costly maintenance and the complication caused by having to plan and temporarily close the track for its renewal.


  • Engineered to provide high strength and high elongation at break.
  • Manufactured from high-tenacity UV-stabilised virgin polypropylene fibres to provide long term durability in all soil types.
  • Manufactured using a randomly orientated web to provide completely isotropic properties.
  • Excellent uniformity with high permeability and low pore size for soil filtration.

Network Rail approved PADS No. 057/100555.

Further Information

TERRAM PW1 Factsheet