TERRAM TurfProtecta is an extruded polyethylene mesh which is tough, flexible and long lasting. Supplied in two grades (Standard and Heavy) depending on the application.

TERRAM TurfProtecta can be effectively employed over stable ground by simply unrolling and fixing adjacent and successive lengths.

TERRAM TurfProtecta lightweight polyethylene mesh is used to reinforce grassed areas intended for very occasional/infrequent light vehicular or pedestrian use, and which are prone to wear and smearing.

Ideal Usage

The Standard grade is suitable for:

  • Wheelchair access routes
  • Paths
  • Pedestrian areas

The Heavy grade is suitable for:

  • Occasional-use car parks
  • Access routes


TERRAM TurfProtecta mesh is simple to install. The sward grows through the mesh apertures and knits with the filaments to create a strong, discreetly reinforced surface which is capable of withstanding vehicle loads, limiting damage and helping to reduce compaction.

The grass can be mown, rolled and fertilised as usual during this period. The mesh soon becomes unobtrusive. TERRAM TurfProtecta mesh can also be installed onto newly-landscaped areas and seeded as required.

It is strongly advised that installation is carried out during the growing season to allow the sward to knit with the mesh prior to allowing traffic to use the area. This would normally be after a few weeks during the growing season. Immediate use could restrict growth and limit the effectiveness of the installation.


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