TerraStop HVL – Nonwoven Polyester Geotextile

TerraStop HVL – Nonwoven Polyester Geotextile

High Visibility Layer Nonwoven Polyester Geotextile

The TerraStop HVL is designed to separate contaminated and non-contaminated soils with its high visibility orange needled punched nonwoven geotextile. They provide the same performance and functions as the TerraStop F Range with an additional added benefit – they act as a warning and marker layer for years to come. This enables the user to leave contaminated soils in place.

Place the geotextile over the top before filling the area with the clean fill. The TerraStop HVL will separate the mediums ensuring they do not intermix, while providing confidence that if future excavations are done they are warned about hazardous materials below.


The TerraStop HVL excels at treating filtration and drainage as two entirely separate functions with the same product – preventing the upward movement of contaminated solid particles, and allowing the free flow of water. In addition to this, the orange colour warns of potential contamination hazards if encountered in future excavations


  • High visibility
  • Prevents intermixing of adjacent soil layer
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Available in 6m x 150m rolls for rapid coverage
  • Available in a number of strengths to suit site requirements
Further Information

TerraStop HVL Factsheet