Tracer Wire Connectors

Tracer Wire Connectors

Tracer Wire Connectors
Simple & easy to use connectors with a waterproof seal

Tracer Wire Connectors

Connecting tracer wire is easy with a smart range of simple twist or locking connectors that create a waterproof seal. DryConn Single Lug tracer wire connectors are inexpensive, fast and simple to use:

1. Strip wires 15mm
2. Align any frayed strands or conductors.
3. Pre-twisting unnecessary. Place stripped wires together with ends of insulation even.
4. Twist connector onto wires pushing firmly until hand-tight. Do not over torque.
5. Wipe sealant in and around conductors and connector opening while tightening. Do not reuse.

Tracer Wire Connector
DryConn Single Lug Connector

DryConn 3-way Direct Bury Lug eliminates the need to cut the main line, installs in less than a minute, and is perfect for connecting services to the main line. The outer lid locks down in three places keeping the connection free from contaminants.  All DryConn connectors are pre-filled with dielectric silicone sealant that never hardens making them waterproof and corrosion proof.

Copperhead SnakeBite connectors exclusive 90-degree Twist Lock design means you simply insert the wires, twist 90 degrees and the SnakeBite connector is locked. There is no requirement to strip the tracer wire, as a small blade inside the Snakebite cuts through the insulation. The dielectric gel inside creates the waterproof seal.

Code Product Description Wire Fit Size Unit Measure
WT1506 Snakebite connector 1.6mm Fits 1.6mm tracer wire Jar 20
WT1507 Single lug connector yellow Fits up to 2 mm tracer wire Universal Pack 20
WT1517 Single lug connector blue Fits up to 2 mm tracer wire Universal Pack 20
WT1527 3 Way direct bury lug connector Fits up to 4 mm tracer wire Universal/Xtreme Pack 5
PBX-SCPB01 Soloshot Xtreme inline splice Splices 4mm tracer wire Xtreme Each
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