Copperhead SnakePit Test Station

Five designs

tracer wire access points
Allowing access by locators to energize buried tracer wire

Copperhead SnakePit Test Station

Copperhead’s SnakePit Tracer Wire Test Station makes locating your underground utility easy! Secure it, cover it, and don’t worry about it.

Snakepit Features

SnakePit’s are ideal for using where there is not a logical point (such as hydrants or risers) to bring tracer wire to the surface for locators.

The SnakePit offers an insulated direct connection point for your locate transmitter that attaches easily to buried tracer wire. This makes connecting to and detecting buried tracer wire (and the pipe or cable it is following) accurate and convenient. An inbuilt magnet system makes finding the access point simple if buried. Anti-corrosion technology ensure Snakepits will last the life of the infrastructure. In addition a locking cover make them “vandal proof”.

Five Designs

Five SnakePit designs are available for specific applications. However only some of these designs are held in stock locally, otherwise there is a 3 week leadtime.

The SnakePit® Lite Duty and Lite Duty Adjustable are designed for light traffic areas such as courtyards and ditches.

Lite Duty XL Adjustable has all the benefits of the Lite Duty but with an anti-sink design. Perfect for new construction where shifting soil may be an issue.

Concrete/Driveway Snakepit features a 50mm cast iron collar. This SnakePit is ideal for all concrete/driveway applications.

The SnakePit Roadway is the toughest and strongest of all SnakePits. With a 125mm cast iron collar, it can take the constant pounding of heavy traffic.

These test stations can be used with any copper or copperclad steel wire. However they are designed to complement the Copperhead wire system.

Cathodic Protection

Any Snakepit design can also be used as a Cathodic Protection test station access points. Because of their low profile they are perfect for remote installations where stock damage to CP posts is an issue.

For tips on Snakepit installation see:

Further Information
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Copperhead Gas Catalogue 2019

Copperhead SnakePit Brochure
Copperhead SnakePit Brochure

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Copperhead SnakePit Case Study

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